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30 November 2012: Energy bills to be hit by cold winter



Consumers looking to save money on their gas and electricity will be chilled by the news that a cold winter could result in record-high level energy bills. The research conducted by price comparison site has revealed that a prolonged cold snap could see bills at their highest in UK history.

UK households have been told to brace themselves for a big freeze over the next month, with temperatures forecast to drop to a 100-year low. It is reported that if temperatures average 1C acress the UK this winter, which would be about 4C below standard average temperature, that a typical energy bill for the three month period of December to February will be £607. This is a 93% increase over the typical energy bill for the 2007/2008 winter which was £314.

Director of energyhelpline, Mark Todd, says, “During the winter of 2007/08 typical bills were £314. A normal winter this year would see bills at £502, an increase of 60%. If the cold weather really bites the increase to £607 would represent a rise of 93% over 5 years.

Against the backdrop of the worst recession for a century, household budgets are being pounded by unemployment, shrinking wages and the biggest energy bills in the history of the UK.

In some of the most deprived areas of the UK, such as Merseyside and North Wales typical prices are at their highest. With fuel-poor households in England having seen budget cuts of 26% for fuel-poverty schemes, 2013 will see 50,000 fewer vulnerable homes receiving help to insulate and keep warm.

The vulnerable, including low-income families and the elderly are facing a terrible choice, to eat or heat?  With an average of 26,700 excess winter deaths each year, the most vulnerable are being served a lethal cocktail this winter with no sign of respite in the form of price cuts or government action any time soon.

Everyone needs to plan now to keep warm. This includes making sure you are getting the best deal possible on energy, and if necessary switching supplier as soon as possible to avoid being hit by scheduled price rises in the New Year,"  Mr. Todd concluded.


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