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3 November 2014: Keep your energy costs down during the winter


It is an obvious temptation when the temperature drops to simply increase the thermostat to combat the chills indoors. However, with the cost of energy still a major drain on household finances, this course of action can add unnecessary further strain on bank balances.

Indeed, wrapping up warm and turning down the thermostat 1degree C has been shown to save as much as 10 per cent on the cost of your heating bills for the year. Dressing in layers and ensuring that your thermostat in your main living room is set to a comfortable level of between 18-21C can therefore help economise your energy usage, even during cold snaps.

Additionally, draught-proofing your home can result in significant savings during the winter months. If it seems like your home never heats up, then it is a good idea to check around all windows and doors for draughts. Draught excluders should be placed around windows and doors to keep the draught out and the home warm and cosy. Installing double-glazing can also be a cost effective way to prevent draughts in the home. As draught-free homes are comfortable at lower temperatures, these tips can make it possible to keep your thermostat lower during the cold weather.

Along a similar vein is ensuring that your home is properly insulated. Cavity wall insulation and loft insulation can save hundreds of pounds a year through reducing heat loss. According to Directgov it is good practice to ensure that all lofts ideally have between 10-11 inches of insulation. Any home with 4 inches or less insulation should be topped-up.

A final way to remain energy efficient during cold weather is ensuring that your boiler is up to scratch. Boilers will lose efficiency over time, so it is therefore wise to have regular boiler checks and to replace any older boiler that is underperforming.  

Following these simple strategies should enable even the most temperature-sensitive individual remain warm and within budget over the coming weeks. 


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